Monday, May 11, 2015

I Scream, You Scream...

We all scream, for ice cream!
emackBolios graphicEmack [& Bolio's] raspberrySorbet...I shot that on Veteran's Day this year, and then used it in a PicMonkey edit with their new Graphic Novel effect. I love the effect so much and I have been using quite a bit. Anyways I did the edit on the right for Deanna, for Thanksgiving this year. It was the first one of the DCBuggles too, which you find more of here... GrfxDziner group [11-30-2014, Thanksgiving weekend] That is how the GrfxDziner group pool looked on Thanksgiving too. The butterfly and ballerina were incredible, and the horse racing rail too. Thanksgiving is always big with Deanna's Foundation, and Veteran's Day too. I started another comic strip too, for the Stoolies of Government! They are on a mission too :] sketchPigeons sketchPigeons6 sketchHolidays featherEye

Stairway to Heaven
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